Covid 19 Update 27 January 2022

Following government guidelines, we are no longer advised to work from home. This means that my therapy practice can return fully to in-person sessions.

As much as I have learned from and appreciated online working, I do believe face-to-face sessions offer a more holistic therapeutic service. This is especially so when working somatically. I am also happy to use a blended approach to sessions, offering online as appropriate. For example, it may be difficult for some of us to transition back to ‘normal’ life. This is perfectly understandable; we have been living in these unprecedented times of managing our lives around a pandemic, and its threat may never completely leave us. So, working online may be advisable for some people seeking therapy, or indeed for other reasons, at least some of the time. I am very open to discussing this.

I appreciate that looking after our mental health has been especially challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic. Coping with fluctuating changes in the situation, and the threat of serious illness, has been really challenging, and we have all been more ‘on alert’ than normal. This triggers our amygdala and the ‘fight/flight/freeze’ response. To help manage these difficult responses, please see the link below, ‘Coping Strategies for Dealing with Trauma and Acute Stress’. Here you will find some useful information and techniques. They are essential strategies to employ in any situation where we have experienced trauma, either past or present. We can even keep up these practices on a regular basis, even when the ‘threat’ (real or perceived) has passed – we don’t have to be in crisis, as such.

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